Club Hermione Parties

Private. Exclusive. Classy. Intimate

Club Hermione provide the most intimate and sexy international sex parties.
Men are in suits. Women are in dresses and lingerie. Exclusive gatherings of the scenes’ most attractive & classy couples and single ladies.

At Club Hermione the guiding principle is to break down the boundaries that constrain us in our daily lives.

We offer a different and exciting experience for young attractive open-minded couples and single girls, providing our members a chance to play with others in a safe and exciting environment. Our parties are intimate and are limited to 15 couples and 10 single girls.

All our parties take place in finest high-class venues including, mansions, luxury apartments, penthouses, villas, and yachts. Every effort is made to ensure a sexy, playful, comfortable, and fun environment.

Our parties have attracted the rich and famous and generated immense media excitement as being at the center of the world’s newest and coolest underground party scene. Every members identity is closely guarded.

Our parties are £200 per couple and £75 for single girls.

Club Hermione February Party Details

13th FEBRUARY – Ladies Only – SOLD OUT

5th MARCH – Couples & Single Ladies – Some places still available

12th MARCH – Couples & Single Ladies – SOLD OUT

26th MARCH – Couples & Single Ladies – Some places still available

23th APRIL – Couples & Single Ladies 

21th MAY – Couples & Single Ladies 

25th JUNE – Couples & Single Ladies 

23th JULY – Couples & Single Ladies

27th AUGUST – Couples & Single Ladies

24th SEPTEMBER- Couples & Single Ladies

29th OCTOBER – Couples & Single Ladies

26th NOVEMBER- Couples & Single Ladies

12th DECEMBER – Couples & Single Ladies

NYE DECEMBER 31st – Couples & Single Ladies

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